According to the latest figures released by the UN Climate Change,the fashion industry contributes to about 10 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions – due to its long supply chains and energy-intensive production – and consumes more energy than the aviation and shipping industry combined.

We are now collecting the locations of sustainable fashion in Hong Kong to produce a map of the point of sales of sustainable fashion and essentially a shopping guide. If you are interested to understand more on sustainable fashion and how to explore sustainable fashion near you and thus ways to achieve a low carbon lifestyle, check out the recording of our online workshop

You may also reduce the Life cycle impact of clothing by learning about the properties of different fibres, cleaning and caring them properly. Check out the Caring Guide now to extend the life of your clothes!

Textile production is one of the main pollution sources worldwide, with 2-20% of its dye-containing effluents being discharged into water sources, which is detrimental to both the environment and human lives. […]

即睇十個Green Clothing Tips! How to read washing labels Lau […]

立即發掘身邊的可持續時裝: 你是時裝品牌或洗衣公司代表嗎?馬上成為項目合作伙伴: 點擊這裡

時裝業是能源密集產業,加上背後供應鏈非常龐大,因此所消耗的能源比航空業及航運業的總和還要多。根據聯合國氣候變化 […]