HKCSS x WWF “Sustainable Living” ESG Realisation Campaign 2024 Info Session

The acronym ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance shouldn’t be unfamiliar to most working professionals but what are the actual practices of it? What and how should it be achieved? Big chains and corporates might have the resources to organise a full team of ESG professionals. However, smaller enterprises (SMEs) often delegate the ESG matters to the administration or human resources department and most of them need more relevant knowledge.

In view of this, WWF-Hong Kong teamed up with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and launched the “Sustainable Living” ESG Realisation Campaign. This programme targets SMEs and not only does it aim at enhancing and consolidating their knowledge of ESG, but also helps them rethink their internal communications and the way they plan ESG policies, guides them to incorporate environmental and social elements into their operating procedures and assist them to build a new culture and value within the enterprise.

The first cohort of the campaign successfully ended in November 2023 with 12 enterprises and over 1,600 staff members joining. To carry out the second cohort, WWF and HKCSS held a result sharing and 2nd cohort briefing session on 13th March 2024. It attracted the attendance of over 90 professionals coming from different fields who are interested in joining the second cohort. The session not only introduced the flow and content of the second cohort of the campaign, but also invited some representatives from the first cohort for a fireside chat to share their practical experiences.

The representatives encouraged the rest of the participants not to be afraid to start small because every little step is making progress. It is important not to be too harsh and to have empathy for ourselves and our coworkers. It is essential as well to pace it right as changing the normal routine of a company or a coworker is hard and cannot be achieved in one day. Combining hard and soft policies (such as small gifts, fun games, etc) is also vital to attracting coworkers to participate and reach the goal together.

At last, participants formed into small groups to share their company’s policies and difficulties they encountered. They expressed that the whole session was useful and brought out a lot of different insights as guests and other participants are the actual ESG executives. Some companies had also signed up for the campaign right after the session ended.

The registration deadline for the second cohort of the “Sustainable Living” ESG Realisation Campaign is.28 March (Thursday).Any interested enterprises can sign up via this link.We will also be holding an online sharing session on 16 April (Tuesday), providing a detailed explanation of the 5 themes and the toolkit for this campaign. Interested enterprises are more than welcome to register via the above link!

Looking forward to having you in our 2nd cohort in 2024!